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 While Kristi Carroll trains for Olympic glory in the Winter Games, twin brother Reed spends his life fighting monsters in an online world. But something sinister has entered both worlds that will either bring them together, or tear them apart forever.

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by Steven Joseph Pitzel

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Bryce Willems and his stepsister, Megan, have just moved with their artist father from New York to a former ghost-town turned artist-hipster community in northern Arizona. Artists are finding a creative energy there unlike anything they've ever felt. But that energy comes at a cost.  A spirit older than the Navajo, older than the Anasazi, controls a cycle of growth and harvest in this land.

A string of suspicious deaths connected to a massive desert water project, draws investi-gative reporter Deanne Mulhenney and medical examiner Sara Poole into a deadly clash of modern and ancient worlds.

Best of Backlist/All Genre - 2019 Feathered Quill Award Winner!

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A supernatural murder mystery two women must solve to survive.

Members of an Oregon family escape city life only to find themselves fighting for their own lives and, possibly, for civilization itself.


An ancient gift turns deadly in the hands of a young boy.

Set in 1960's southern California, a single mother who lost her oldest son to a horrific accident, realizes she must control her youngest son's anger at all costs; but a pretty surfer threatens to break her tenuous hold.

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